Adaptive Vehicle Solutions, established 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a multi-department team of skilled & experienced mechanics and fabricators who share the passion for modifying vehicles to deliver an exceptional level of performance in capability, comfort, and functionality. We take pride in our collective years of experience and unique ability to design & fabricate custom parts not found anywhere on the market.

Our goal is to fully understand our client's needs and vision of their ultimate off-road expedition vehicle. To provide our knowledge to guide them through each facet of the build process, while using our own designs or the best parts available from our partner companies who we trust and share common goals with. Then our favorite part, putting their dream in their driveway.

We'll be here, further honing our skills with each new project and continuing to operate under our ethos, "everything matters".

Dominic Carney

Owner operator

Adaptive Vehicle Solutions LLC was founded by Dominic Carney in 2018 as a small shop in northeast Albuquerque.