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KC HiLites

FLEX ERA® 1 - 2-Light Master Kit

FLEX ERA® 1 - 2-Light Master Kit

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This darkness slayer is the perfect companion for cruising trails and setting up camp with your buddies. Powerful, bright, and compact, just as the most versatile light in the FLEX ERA Family ought to be.

We've amped up the versatility of the KC FLEX ERA® 1 by including every beam pattern lens you'd want to be able to mount this light in any nook and cranny you can find. From the front, tucked just behind the changeable colored bezels, sits the clocked lens that allows you quickly change between spot, spread, and flood beam patterns. A patented FLEX ERA® 1 housing (Patent No. D967,475) with intricate and flowing heat sink fins and compact overall size makes it a party from the front or the back. The FE1 is built to be mounted anywhere you need it, throwing light out forward, sideways, or backward.

Master Kit includes all Beam Pattern Lenses:
    Pre-assembled in Spread Beam
    Flood Beam Lenses
    Spot Beam Lenses
Two Power Modes for Style and Performance
    Amber LED Backlight
    Full Power (off-road use only)
Mountable right side up, upside-down, or sideways with the asymmetric bracket design
Customizable Machined Bezel Colors (sold separately)
Thermal LED Protection
IP68 Rated

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